The Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and the Traditional Arts

The Huichol Center: A model for cultural survival from David H. Rose on Vimeo.

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This short documentary was made possible by the generous donations of the Heineman Foundation, Beanfield Productions, POV/Rose, WriteCause Creative and individuals who believe in the Huichol Center and the efforts its made to help preserve the customs and tradtions of an endangered culture.


We believe it is imperative to bear in mind as you watch, many miles away, in the desert region of San Luis Potosi, in an area that has been designated by UNESCO as a world biodiversity reserve, the aquifers and ecosystems are under siege by mining companies and agro business polluters who have illegally obtained land, water and mining rights. While the Huichols hold title to their lands in their mountain homeland, they do not have formal title to the sacred sites on these desert lands that they consider to be their primordial paradise. 


Their annual migration to this peyote habitat, “Wirikuta”, is the root of their cultural identity because it honors a sacred covenant between the Huichol people and their creators. The collection of sacred waters from the springs in this desert oasis and the harvesting of peyote for their ceremonies are a cornerstone of Huichol ceremonial life.

If the mining company is not immediately ceased and all goes as planned, this place of grace, harmony and perfection will be converted into a toxic wasteland.


The Huichol Center is working in collaboration with several international organizations to raise awareness of this takeover. At the same time, we alre also working with the Mexican Government and NGOs to implemement water-resource management techniques and are excited to participate in a state-run training center in Huejuquilla called Centro Supera ( “Center for Advancement” ). This center will teach, among other things, skills in gardening, animal husbandry and eco-friendly resource management. 


Your involvement and donations will help us fund the Huichol Center and continue its mission to protect the Huichol Homeland and help the Huichols become a sustainable people in these trying times.