Making a Fashion Statement


Aikutzi, by Huichol is a line of jewelry created by the women of the indigenous Huichol tribe in the remote mountains of Mexico. Meticulously crafted, this beadwork is a stunning blend of the intricate native designs with a contemporary chic presentation.  The line originated when Susana Valadez began to assist Huichol women in the marketing of their traditional crafts, so that their endangered tribe could survive in the modern world.

For more than 20 years the jewelry has been a major source of support for the Huichol Center's efforts to raise the quality of life for many impoverished Huichol families.  In 1997 the Huichol Center joined resources with Janet Goldman of Fragments, Inc. to create a bridge between the fashion world of Manhattan and the deep canyons of Mexico.  The altruistic trade route they forged, paved with hope and inspiration, has brought many positive results over the years on behalf of the Huichol people. To date, the jewelry has been featured on celebrities and runway models in fashion shoots of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Self, The New York Times and more.

Today Susana’s daughter Angelica Valadez, whose father is a renowned Huichol artist, heads the design team, and infuses the new line with her unique multi-cultural inspirations. A blend of high fashion and ancient culture, Aikutzi jewelry is woven by hand with very small size 15/0 glass seed beads as well as micro size 18/0 beads - some of the smallest glass beads made in the world. These tiny beads, combined with our unique designs and the fact that they are not made on a loom, create a light, supple, smoothness not found in other bead work. Aikutzi, by Huichol pieces take between a half day to an entire week to create. Each season, the line reinvents itself staying one step ahead of other designers who have been inspired by the Huichol Center's work.

100% of your purchase helps fund programs and initiatives of the Huichol Center.